Lampeter Round Table is a mens social club Lampeter and is a local branch of the Round Tables of Britain and Ireland. We’re a group of men who get together to socialise and make a positive contribution to out local community.

In Lampeter, we meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7.30pm for 8pm at various venues around the area. Visiting tablers are welcome but please let us know that you’re coming! Round Table is about fun, fellowship and fundraising. We meet formally for dinner and informally to for activities such as go-carting, cycling, canoeing, coasteering. We raise money for local good causes, help decorate the town for Christmas and organise the annual Lampeter firework display.

If you’d like to make a contribution to your local area, meet new people and socialise, why not consider joining us? Drop a line to one of our officials, and we’ll get back to you. It would be great to have you aboard!

5oth Anniversary Dinner

Cinio Dathlu 50


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Ford Gron Llanbedr Pont Steffan yw’r gangen lleol o Ford Gron Prydain ac Iwerddon. Grwp o ddynion sy’n cwrdd i gymdeithasu a gwneud cyfraniad i’r gymuned lleol ydym.

Yn Llambed rydym yn cwrdd ar nos Fawrth cyntaf a thrydydd nos Fawrth y mis, fel arfer am 7.30 yn llefydd amrywiol yn Llambed. Mae croeso i tablers sy’n ymweld a’r ardal ymuno a ni ond cofiwch i roi wybod i ni o flaen llaw! Bwriad y Ford Gron y hwyl, cyfeillgarwch a chodi arian. Rydym yn cwrdd yn ffurfiol i ginio ac yn anffurfiol i fynd seiclo, cerdded, canwio, ac arfordiro. Rydym yn codi arian ar gyfer achosion lleol, rydym yn helpu addurno’r dref ar gyfer y Nadolig ac rydym yn trefnu noson tan gwyllt.

Os hoffech chi wneud cyfraniad i’r gymuned, cwrdd a phobl newydd a chymdeithas beth am ymuno a ni? Mae croeso cysylltu a’r swyddogion.

Croeso cynnes!

Lampeter Round Table - Ford Gron Llanbedr Pont Steffan shared their post. ...

Four weeks today the beer will be flowing! We've been out putting our banners out to celebrate! ------------ Pedair wythnos i heddiw bydd y cwrw yn llifo! Ni wedi bod yn gosod ein baneri i ddathlu!

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Lampeter Round Table - Ford Gron Llanbedr Pont Steffan shared their post. ...

Today's treat - 2 beer from the Celt Experience for our beer festival - Chieftain and Silures - only 4 weeks to go! ------------ Danteithion heddiw - 2 cwrw o'r Celt Experience ar gyfer yr wyl sef Chieftain a Silures, Dim ond 4 wythnos i fynd!

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